Honolulu – Hawaii

Hawaii is an amazing destination, so read on for the top 10 places to visit in Honolulu and why. If you never had the chance to see this amazing exotic destination for yourself, now it’s the time to do it.

Hanauma Bay
If you want to practice some water sports, Hanauma Bay is the right place for you. Here you can practice snorkeling and other water sports, or simply visit the amazing marine sanctuary. The Bay is open every day except on Tuesdays.

Honolulu Chinatown
The city has its own Chinatown, and here you can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fish. It doesn’t matter what type of food you are looking for, you will surely find it here. Furthermore, Chinatown is also packed with Asian restaurants you should check out.

Diamond Head
Maybe you want to explore the beautiful city, and in that case hiking may be the right choice. If you have the time, visit the Diamond Head volcano for a spectacular view of Honolulu.

The beaches
No matter what beach you choose to visit, the clear waters and white sand will make your visit enjoyable. Honolulu also offers many water sports opportunities, such as paddling, canoeing, and paddleboarding.

Honolulu Zoo
The 42 acre zoo is home to over 905 animals your kids might enjoy seeing. The Zoo includes a komodo dragon as well as monkeys, but also a variety of tropical trees and flowers.

Iolani Palace
If you are interested in seeing a historical landmark, check out Iolani Palace downtown. The palace offers daily tours with a guide, but you can also visit the building by yourself. The Palace is located downtown, and its convenient location makes it a popular tourist destination.

Manoa Falls
Nature is to be found at every step in Honolulu, and Manoa Falls is an attraction you shouldn’t miss the chance of seeing. The place offers great walks in the jungle, and its wild surroundings make for the perfect adventure.

Even if you don’t stay in Waikiki, consider taking a day trip here. You and your family or friends can experience the amazing tropical weather, practice water sports and eat at the numerous available restaurants. Waikiki’s Eggs ‘n Things restaurant is the perfect place to have breakfast at.

Ala Moana Center
Even if you are on vacation, you can still do some shopping. The huge mall features designer brands but also antique and gift shops you should check out. Furthermore, the mall includes numerous coffee shops and restaurants.

The fish auction
This attraction is free and fun to try, regardless if you like eating fish or not. You will get to see the tuna fish as well as other varieties being auctioned live, and perhaps buy some for yourself if you get hungry.

Pearl Harbor
If you vacation in Honolulu, take a few hours to visit this famous memorial. Pearl Harbor is open to tourists everyday starting with 7 am and up to 4.30 pm, and the entrance is free.