Tips to Earn Miles

You don’t have to actually fly to earn frequent flier miles anymore. From credit cards to new car purchases there are lot more ways to earn miles and get that free trip in a hurry. Here are a few tips to help you earn extra miles.

Hotels If you’re a frequent traveler hotels can be a great place to earn extra miles. In the past to earn miles from hotels often required booking directly on the hotel’s website. But now sites like Rocketmiles and Pointshound can help travelers earn miles from their hotel bookings without booking directly on the hotel’s website. What’s the benefit here? It allows you to take advantage of potentially cheaper hotel rates than you might get on the hotel’s direct website, and still be able to earn all the same miles.

Credit Cards Credit cards have long been a source for earning extra miles and continue to be a great way to earn extra miles. When you try to earn miles from credit cards be aware of fees and interest charges that could end up negating, or severely digging into the value of the miles you’re earning.

Online Purchases Many people don’t realize it, but dozens of major retail stores in the United States offer miles for making online purchases. Most retail stores that offer miles for online purchases give 1 mile for every dollar spent. But it always pays to check out the latest deal because some retailers offer three miles, or more, per dollar spent.

Dining Out Many airlines offer programs that give you miles for eating out at restaurants. Many of these programs also offer bonus miles when you register, and select restaurants that will earn you double miles.

Combining Methods If you want to earn even more miles faster you can take advantage of the other offers by making the payment on your miles earning credit card. Depending on your card this could quickly double or triple your miles earned.
Donald Dingerson is an author and freelance writer, who has traveled extensively throughout the world.