Ten tips for your first solo adventure

The major challenge for first solo adventure is planning especially in what to pack, booking flight ticket and accommodation. Travelling for the first time is different to what most people think. It’s adventurous and also enjoyable if you adhere to instructions and guidelines.
Here are ten tips for your first solo adventure
Have Confidence
You have to know that; you are on your own to make decisions, it’s tasking and also exciting. Feel excited and secure when you’re out there to explore.
Your approachable attitude will attract the right people to you and give you the confidence to explore.
Blend In
It’s advisable not to stand out too much like a foreigner, as this can lead to tourist scams and attract distasteful looks. Blend with the locals, and feel at home in your new location. If you can afford it, dress like the locals.
Be a responsible traveller
Have adequate knowledge about the country; you’re visiting or visited. Most places in the world require an appropriate behaviour, concerning culture and tradition, religion and a dress code. Behave responsibly.
Always keep your bags safe
Always keep your valuables safe even though you’re staying in a hotel that looks like a secure environment. Lock your room whenever you’re going out and minimize keeping cash in your bag. Avoid going to a crowded place with valuable things.
Pack as light as you can
Pack as light as you possibly can, go with things that can serve multiple purposes. The list of things to take along depends on the weather conditions and the length of your holiday. The less stuff you pack your bags, the easier to move around.
Always smile
Take things easy, smile always and give positive vibes; the same measure, you’ll receive from people. Smiling helps a lot especially if you don’t speak the same language with the locals. In most places, locals always want to take advantage of the tourist; smiling can bring friendly relationship.
You’re in there to explore, not to be indoors in a hotel room. Go out there to meet people, explore the area and have fun. What will be the story to tell friends about your first solo if you’re indoors, stay glue on skype or internet.
Go to popular places, historic sites, hop on trains and trolleys and behave like a tourist. You are to tour, not to sleep all through in the hotel. Be on an on a walking tour, or at a local restaurant and strike up a conversation if you can communicate effectively in their language.
Even though travelling alone can make one feel lonely sometimes, put yourself out there to overcome that initial loneliness.
Let Someone Know
I recommend you should leave your itinerary of destinations and a photocopy of your passport with someone back home. When going out of the hotel for the day’s outing, let your hotel attendant or the person at the counter know your destination, in case of an emergency.
If you’re a US citizen, don’t forget to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program which helps in tracking a traveller in an emergency situation.
Take it easy
You don’t have to visit all the nooks and crannies of the city or take photographs in every corner or street. Do everything in moderation, and you will enjoy your trip.
Have a Backup Plan
Make sure you have a backup plan in your arrangement, from flight booking to hotel accommodation. Always leave money behind, I mean in your hotel room. Give the address of your hotel to someone you trust at home.