Solo travel tips

Many people are afraid of traveling because of the bad things that can happen to them while away from home, though bad things can happen anywhere, even in the comfort of your home. Those who travel prefer doing so either with someone, either alone. Traveling solo has its advantages, but this is a subject for a different article. Let’s see some tips for solo travelers.

Keep in mind the type of person you are
Extroverts like to have many people around, and it is better for them to travel to places where they can speak the language. Some extroverts are adventurous enough to go to countries where they can only speak a few words of the local language in hopes they’ll make more friends and learn said language better. Introverts are better off in less popular locations, or even traveling off season. You’ll surely have places to visit no matter the type of person you are.

Make use of site like Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is a website that connects travelers with locals willing to share their living space with said travelers. This site have been around long before AirBNB, however it is not the only one of this type. Hostels are places where you can meet other people, but they’re most likely from other countries. However, the whole point of traveling is to get to know as many cultures as possible, right?

Accept invitations from locals
Many countries have very hospitable people and these folks are more than willing to let you in their homes for dinner if they see you lost or alone While this might sound weird and dangerous, it isn’t always the case. DO run away if your gut feeling tells you to do so.

Saying no is OK
Many solo travelers found themselves to be the middle of attention in mostly conservative countries. The locals can be pretty insistent in talking to you even if you are clearly busy doing something else. Make sure how to say no in the local language as well as any other gestures that mean this. Your message will be better understood this way, and have better chances to be left alone.

Know local emergency numbers
While you might not need to use them, knowing the phone number for the police and tourist police can make you feel safer. On a similar related note, you can keep in touch with your family back home, as well as your embassy, especially if you plan on leaving the city.

Record your memories
You can do this by either taking pictures, filming, or writing about what you see. These activities can help you not feel lonely and could also help others who may want to visit the same location in the future.

Don’t avoid local restaurants
What’s the point in visiting a different country or a city if you’re not going to try a local dish or two? Food ultimately brings people together, and you might make new friends while trying local delicacies and drinks. Just make sure not to touch anything if you left your glass or food unattended to use the restroom.