Schwarzenegger’s Sunshine Valley House Wayne, Nebraska

You probably won’t see Arnold Schwarzenegger while staying here, but you will have plenty of other things to do to occupy your time. These are the 5 reasons we should go to Schwarzenegger’s Sunshine Valley House Wayne, Nebraska, United States.

For a chance to go fishing
One of the most relaxing activities you can enjoy when vacationing here, is trying to catch some fish. The river running beyond the property is rich in trout fish. Make sure to ask the person in charge about the best spots for fishing as well as for places where you get find needed tools for this pastime in case you don’t own any.

If you want to ride a bike, it’s better to bring your own. Spring, summer, and autumn, are the seasons allow tourists to fully enjoy this activity. Based on the season, the scenery changes, therefore there will always be something new or different to see. 

Cooling off on a hot summer day or keeping warm in the middle of winter is very easy at this House. The pool is heated and this means the guests can use no matter the weather outside. Of course, the river near-by offers a nice alternative for swimming, but only in summer.

Bring the whole family
Having pets and kids is a common occurrence these days. Going on a vacation a whole family is difficult especially since not all destinations accept pets and children. Usually the accepted pets are the family’s dog or dogs, if they’re a small breed.

Go hunting
The location of the House allows its guests to go hunting for bears and deers. Of course, this activity is not for everyone and especially children need to stay away from it. Make sure the hunting season is on before hand, as to avoid getting in trouble with the law.