Be Careful of Airport Taxi Service

Taxi cabs parked at the general arrival zones are going to charge considerably more than those from the official taxi desk. Cabs in the general arrival zone may charge you $100 to $200 for your ride.

Keep Your Cash to Yourself The fastest way to advertise yourself as a mark to Russia’s many pickpockets is to start flashing cash around. Keep enough money for the task at hand ready to go with the rest stashed in a safe place, split up, and buttoned or zipped into inside pockets.

Never Drink Tap Water Not only will your body not be used to the water in Russia, even the locals don’t drink the tap water.

Be Careful of the Vodka Too Vodka without a label is very likely bootlegged. In addition to being illegal, bootleg vodka is potentially dangerous, and is responsible for killing some people.

If a Stranger Asks You to Dinner or Drinks, Don’t Go It’s one of the oldest scams in the books. A stranger or group of strangers will come up to you on a train acting very friendly. Soon they will invite you to out to eat or drink, at which point you will be separated from your valuables.

Right of Way? What Right of Way? Pedestrians in Russia do not have the right of way. Be very careful when crossing the street as the responsibility to not get hit by traffic is all on you.

Romance Can be Painful, or Deadly Thinking about hooking up for a little romance while in Russia. You might want to think again. STDs are on the rise in Russian and this certainly includes AIDS.

Avoid the Hospitals Hospitals in Russia do not adhere to the cleanliness standards you may be used to. A trip to the hospital maybe unavoidable, just make sure you’re current on all your shots.

Keep Your Passport Handy You may never need it, but if you do and you don’t have it you’ll wish you did. Not having your passport with you can be seen as a perfect opportunity for the police to cause you a world of trouble.

Know the Emergency Numbers In Russia the emergency number for the police is 02, for an ambulance it’s 03, and the police hotline for foreigners is 278-30-18. Learn these numbers.