Orlando is a city in the center of Florida, and is a popular vacation destination for American as well as international visitors. There’s a lot to do in Orlando and few people can fit all the great attractions this city has into a single trip. Here’s a list of the top destinations and attractions that you absolutely must see in Orlando.

Disney World The happiest place on earth is the single most visited place in Orlando. Disney World consists of four theme parks, two water parks, Downtown Disney, the ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex, and Disney’s Boardwalk.

Kennedy Space Center Located about fifty miles from Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center was the location for every manned space flight operated by NASA from 1968 to the present day. You can easily drive from Orlando to the Kennedy Space Center in about an hour, and it is worth every minute of that drive.

Universal Orlando Resort Disney World may be the biggest resort in Orlando, but it’s not the only one. Universal Orlando Resort boasts two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and the Wet ’n Wild water park.

Gatorland What could be more exciting that watching a man wrestle a live alligator? How about a zip line ride over a pool full of hungry gators? But Gatorland is not just a place where you can watch alligator wrestling, you can actually wrestle an alligator. You heard that right, for just $10 you too can jump into the ring and test your metal against a real gator. Billed as the Alligator Capital of the World, Gatorland is definitely a place you must see in Orlando.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament If wrestling gators isn’t your thing, or even if it is, there’s always the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. A dinner theatre that features real jousting by six knights on real horses, and has been in business for more than thirty year, makes for a must see Orlando attraction.
A vacation in Orlando Florida is always an amazing experience. Even if you only have a week, make sure you hit most of our top five destinations to see in Orlando.