Multigenerational travel

Traveling as a family can only strengthen the bonds between the members, if they’re having a good time. This is also a trend that becomes more and more popular. Here are some tips on how to travel as a family of more generations.

Start planning early
The more people travel together the more schedules must be coordinated. Planning early is key success and you can ensure everyone has plenty of time to prepare, set money aside and what not. It is recommended that at least one year should be set between the decision to travel together and the date of the trip.

Deciding the destination
This period of time will also allow you to decide on a destination that best fits all of your interests. The easiest way of going about things is to consider the places where most of you went, and choose another one where most of you want to go to. Don’t forget to ask the children as well, especially if they’re old enough to have an opinion.

Decide the season
Most people go on a vacation during the holidays or in summer. Spring and autumn vacations are rare, however these 2 seasons offer plenty of activities to enjoy, and maybe even lower fares, depending on where you go. See which season is most appealing to your family and then proceed to the next step.

Goals are important
There are two types of people when it comes to taking a vacation: relaxation type and exploration type. Discover in which group do the other belong to, to properly choose a destination offering both types of activities. This way everyone can get what they most want without getting bored when the others choose a different pastime.

Offer options
It is perhaps easier to set in stone one time frame and a single destination for your trip. However you can’t do this if you don’t first choose. Find out where does every person want to go first, and when would it be more suitable for them. Then, cut down the choices to 3 for both destination and time frame.

Who plans it all?
Some people really good at planning things, and some can only plan some aspects. Find out who can plan what, and don’t make two people plan the same thing: the will not get along. If you plan on going camping for instance, one person might be in charge of food and cooking supplies, and another one in charge of having enough drinks. A third could take care of everyone comfort by making sure there are enough sleeping bags, tents, pillows, bug sprays and so on. By splitting some of these tasks, you’ll hopefully make everyone work together and get over their differences easier.

Use technology
There are many apps available and many are free, that can help you plan and organize the trip from beginning to the end. This will help everyone stay focused and organized on their task. Syncing or working in cloud will ensure everyone is up-to-date with everyone else, while minimizing confusions and delays.