Luxury Travel for Less – 10 Tips

Luxury travel may seem out of reach for most people, but there are ways to bring the cost of luxury travel down to more reasonable prices. From booking through luxury based online booking companies to striking your own deals, here are ten tips to help you book luxury travel for less.

Luxury For Less Luxury for Less takes a unique approach to saving you money on luxury travel. They buy frequent flyer miles the resell them, allowing you to fly business class (or even first class) for about the same price as flying coach.

Jetsetter Resorts, especially luxury resorts, are having harder and harder times filling all their rooms. At the same time they don’t want to just put super cheap rates on the public internet. That’s where services like Jetsetter come into play. Jetsetter is a members only travel company specializing in luxury travel, but the good news is that membership is free.

Tablet Tablet is an online service that specializes in luxury hotels. Many luxury hotels will give special rates on some of their best rooms only through Tablet.

Luxury Link Luxury Link specializes in saving travelers a lot of money on luxury travel. Similar to Jetsetter, Luxury Link is a members only service, but you can register online for free.

Rack up Miles If you are already a member of a frequent flyer program you can work on building up your own miles and use them to upgrade from Economy class to Business class.

Get Upgraded to First (or Business) Class This is not always easy, but it’s still doable and can allow you to fly in luxury for the price of an Economy class seat, plus maybe a small upgrade fee. How do you do it? Dress nicely, ask politely, and give up a seat on an overbooked flight. There are no guarantees, but it still happens more often than you think.

Get a Hotel Room Upgrade Flights are not the only place to get an upgrade. Hotels seldom sell out anymore, especially their higher priced rooms. How do you do it? Dressing well and having good manners are obvious, but if you like to be early to places this might be a good time to run a little late. Also, buying a middle price point room upfront makes it a lot easier to get the upgrade you’re after. Don’t forget to show some tact, don’t ask for upgrades within earshot of other guests.

Get an Upsell on your Cruise A lot of cruise lines will offer you an upgraded cabin for a discount price. While not the same as a free upgrade it can often get you a luxury cabin for less than booking that cabin upfront.

Choose an Exotic Location That’s a Little Less Popular If you’re thinking about Hawaii or Jamaica for your luxury vacation you might want to consider locations that are a little less popular, but just as exotic. A coastal city like Nha Trang or Vung Tau, Vietnam offer the same exotic beaches, and luxury accommodations you could find in Hawaii or Jamaica, but for thousands of dollars less.

Book Your Travel as Part of a Group Group travel always saves you money. Putting together your own group of likeminded travelers can allow you, and you fellow travelersto negotiate better deals on better class flights and more luxurious hotel rooms.