Grand Victoria Resort And Casino – Indiana

Maybe not all resorts out there have a casino, but it’s well known that not everyone likes to gamble. For those who like gambling, a resort with a casino is a perfect combination. Read on 5 reasons we should go to Grand Victoria Resort And Casino (Indiana), now renamed to Rising Star.

To eat
People don’t usually just like to eat, they usually like to choose the location where they will enjoy their meal. This resort has 4 restaurants that offer different kinds of dishes as to appeal to as many tourists as possible. Stop by the River View Buffet, Wellington’s, Queen City Market, or The Pub.

Enjoy some entertainment
Entertainment comes in many forms, and various people like different types of entertainment. January may not be a popular month for having fun, so you better check out the calendar to see what type of music will you listen to.

To play golf
The golf course at this resort is the only one in Indiana using a true Scottish links-style. It features bent grass fairways, winding lakes, expanded tee boxes, and traditional long waste bunkers. Clearly this course is something that you should experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have the proper equipment because the pro shop will have it all.

Learn about the historic Rising Sun
The best place to learn about the history of this place is the Ohio County Historical Museum. The piece you want to see is the Hoosier Boy, a well known boat at the beginning on the 20th century. The Hoosier Girl is here as well, except it’s not the original boat but an identical re-build.

Pay a visit to a winery
The wines made here at Fiekerts Homestead Wines are hand crafted and customized. You need to call before visiting so that you can also taste them. You have a large selection of wines to choose from, therefore it’s impossible not to find one you like.