Fourwinds Resort And Marina

Many of us need a relaxing vacation at times, and a resort an Indiana may be the perfect spot. Here are the 5 reasons we should go to Fourwinds Resort And Marina, a cool and family friendly resort.

Eat at Wind Jammer Grill
The restaurant is open almost all the time, and offers varied menus for lunch but also dinner. Wind Jammer Grill gives you the chance to eat the best salads and seafood while watching the stunning mountain view. The prices are also affordable, and the pleasant ambiance is what make guests come back again.

Visit the Oliver Winery
The Oliver Winery is located less than a half an hour away, and offers daily tours. You can experience their wine selection for yourself on a guided tour, either during the week from 10 am to 6 pm or on the weekend.

Go to the Bluesprings Cavern
If you are set on fully enjoying your vacation, go on a boat ride through the Bluesprings Cavern. Boat rides are available all year round except for March, and no booking is necessary. The cavern can get pretty chilly, so make sure to wear a jacket!

Take a tour of the Wonderlab Museum of Science
Visitors who are looking for a family friendly destination can go on a trip to the Wonderlab Museum of Science. The museum has 2 floors and daily exhibitions are scheduled for families and tourists.

Visit Fairfax State Recreation Area
Staying at Fourwinds Resort And Marina will definitely give you the chance to explore the surroundings, and Fairfax State Recreation Area is a place you may love to see. Be prepared to bring a camera with you in order to take pictures of the wildlife. You may also like to try out fishing on Lake Monroe, go on a hike or rent a boat.