Dos and don’ts of public transportation

Maybe you didn’t learn how to drive, you can’t afford to rent a car, or simply don’t want to. Many countries have affordable and reliable public transportation that can take you to the places you want to see. There are some rules you need to follow, and some of them pertain to having common sense. Let’s see the most important of them.

Do learn about the ticket system
Each country has a different way to sell tickets, and many countries have ticket inspectors that do come and check to see you paid for your trip. Some cities may have ticket booths in every bus station, others offer the possibility of paying for your fare while on the bus, while free of charge bus routes may also exist. Most cities offer daily and monthly passes, to make commuting easier. In some parts of the world you might pay a fare no matter the distance you need to ride the bus for, while in others you pay based on distance. Read blogs and guides to discover the most affordable options.

Don’t keep your backpack on
If you want to carry your backpack with you while exploring, make sure to keep it your hand by its handler. You avoid sticky hands of those who might want your possessions and you also won’t disturb passengers. Removing your backpack should especially be done on crowded buses and trains.

Don’t try to nap
You might see commuters sleeping n a bus or in the subway, but their bodies learnt how long does their trip last. If you try to do the same, you’ll miss your stop as well as the possibility of seeing the cityscape – if you’re above ground. Traveling to other cities by public bus and trying to sleep might deprive you of breathtaking landscapes.

Do try to learn the bus stops’ names
It is easier to go from A to B and back by public transportation if you know the names of the stops you must get off at. Sure, depending on where you are in the world, these names might seem difficult to remember or pronounce: make yourself a favor and have them written somewhere and ask a local – chances are the younger ones will speak at least English and will be able to help out.

Don’t eat
This should be common sense for many, but eating should be avoided while using the public transportation, especially if the food is smelly. There are reasons to this: even if the food doesn’t smell, you could still drop it on the floor or on other passengers if the bus suddenly stops, or you could even choke. The same can be said about drinking water. If you do eat, make sure to throw any packaging or leftovers in a trash bin when you get down.

Do give up your seat
It is only good manners to give your seat to the elderly, pregnant women, or people holding babies, and many buses around the world have designated seats. These seats are found on city public transportation and many will look down upon those refusing to offer their seats to those in need. Tourists have a bad enough reputation, and you don’t want to add to it.