College Station – Texas

If you are wondering about the things to do if you visit College Station, Texas, read on for some info. This city can be a nice vacation spot once you have some ideas of what to enjoy while in town.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
The museum is fun to visit if you are looking for a few hours of excitement. You can spend a few hours learning more about the former president, and maybe even attend one of the educational programs available here.

Kyle Field
If you want to watch a football game, head over to the Kyle Field for an hour or two. You may be lucky and get tickets to your favorite sports event, or simply visit the stadium to see what it looks like.

Bonfire Memorial
The Bonfire Memorial is not much to see, however the peaceful setting will make you feel relaxed and at ease. The Memorial will refresh your spirit and help you go back home with a clear head.

Santa’s Wonderland
If you visit the city in winter, you may want to go and visit Santa’s Wonderland. This is an attraction that both kids and adults will enjoy, and you can attend many themed events but also see the decorations.

Museum of the American GI
Maybe you want to learn some history, and in that case you should go to the Museum of the American GI. The museum can provide many hours of fun, and you will get to see the vehicles and tanks. You will learn some history and get to see vintage pieces as well.

Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park
If you want to check out another stadium, the Olsen Field sounds like a good option. Here you will get to see the best sports games in town, and maybe your favorite team will play here too.

Texas World Speedway
If you love cars and racing, then your best bet is going to the Texas World Speedway. The track is affordable for the entire family, and adults and well as older children can have fun here enjoying the races.

New Republic Brewing
The brewery is one of the most interesting places to visit while in town. You can get a taste of some delicious beer, but also see how it is being bottled and produced. The friendly staff will cater to your every need and take you on a tour.

Post Oak Mall
If you want to go shopping, make sure to visit Post Oak Mall. The mall is open to the public everyday, and here you will be able to find the lovely brands you like but also learn about more favorites. If you want, you can have a coffee at one of the restaurants nearby after you are done shopping.

Spirit Ice Arena
If you are looking for some family fun, head over to the Spirit Ice Arena for a few hours. You will be able to enjoy a few hours performing your favorite activities and even bond.