Boulder – Colorado

Colorado is a wonderful state to visit, and its attractions will not let you down. Here you can see a lot of nature, and Boulder is one of its best cities. If you want to learn more about the things to do and see here, read on.

Flatirons visits
This beautiful location is among the best you can find in the entire state, and you will definitely not regret seeing it. You can spend some amazing hours here taking in the fresh air and lovely surroundings.

Chautauqua trips
If you are looking for a place to take wonderful pictures, this spot should be one of your first choices. You will get an amazing view over the city that will impress your friends, and you can also hike on the available trails.

Pearl Street Mall shopping trips
The Mall is the perfect place to visit if you want to go shopping. Here you will be able to find some great deals, but also enjoy a coffee at one of the eateries spread along the way. In addition to that, the mall includes an antique store worth a visit.

Go to Boulder Creek Path
It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy biking or hiking, you can engage in any activity here. The Creek provides great scenic views, but you can also relax and take a nice walk admiring the mountains.

Eldorado Canyon
Whenever you have some free time, pass by the Eldorado Canyon. It doesn’t matter if you visit in summer or winter, the Canyon offers everything you need for a hike or a run. You can even have a picnic here and take advantage of the good weather.

Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art
If you are tired of hiking, go and quench your thirst for art with a trip to this awesome museum. The museum offers many sculptures and paintings, and you can spend a few hours admiring the works of art.

University of Colorado at Boulder
When you visit Boulder, make sure to pass by this amazing campus. The campus is beautiful and makes for an amazing trip, regardless whether you are a student or not.

Go on a tour of the region
If you feel like going on a tour to see the entire area, you should know several are available. Front Range Ride Guides Ltd. provides great tours for inexpensive prices, so check them out while you are in town.

Climb The Flagstaff Mountain
If you are looking for an easy to reach but wonderful attraction, this mountain could be the right choice. The mountain provides not only scenic views over the area, but is also easy enough to climb. You don’t need to be a professional hiker in order to enjoy this attraction.

Visit Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory
If you want to get warm and have some of the best tea in town, head over to the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory. Here you can see how the tea is being produced, and try different varieties you might enjoy.