The best foods to pack for your next camping trip

When going camping you’ll generally have limited access to all the foods you like or want to eat. Perhaps you don’t even have enough space to store everything, or to keep everything cool. Let us help you prepare for your next camping trip by suggesting you some foods you can take along that are healthy, delicious, or easy to prepare.

There are two ways of bringing eggs on a camping trip: hard boiled or beaten: this way you can be sure they won’t break. The hard boiled eggs can last for longer out of the fridge, especially if you have a cooling container. Beaten eggs should be eaten rather fast, preferably on the first morning out. Freezing the beaten eggs could also prolong their life, so to say, and occupy less space if you pour them in a plastic bottle. You can easily cook beaten eggs as an omelet with sausages, vegetables, or cheese.

Canned food
Canned foods are the least healthy options out there, but they’re made to last through an apocalypse. Most of these foods taste really good and can be easily heated and mixed with other ingredients. What’s more, is that you don’t need to refrigerate cans of food before opening them, and one opened they’re most likely to be gone in minutes.

Various types of meat
You can bring along cooked chicken or turkey for easy to make sandwiches. Bring frozen meats if you plan on having a barbecue. Before leaving, make sure everyone agrees on the types of meats to bring. If you don’t eat meat, you can easily skip this one.

Breakfast foods
You can’t skip having breakfast. You’ll want to bring powder milk, cereals, teas, and enough coffee as well. Pancake mix is also a good choice, along with dried and fresh fruits, such as bananas. Make sure to bring a larger quantity of breakfast foods as they can serve as desserts or snacks throughout the day – read below.

Snacks should not be ignored because they can help boost your energy level as well as helping you skip lunch. Skipping lunch is not healthy per se, however it will have you some time and energy you can use to have more fun instead. If you venture into a nearby town you’re most likely to find a restaurant or diner where you can have a nice lunch. All sorts of energy, fig, and nut bars along with various types of fruit are some of your best snack options.

Pasta and rice
Pasta and rice don’t need to be stored at certain temperatures and can easily be fixed into meals. They’re filling and healthy, and are also recommended to those with dietary restrictions. Celiac Disease sufferers can find gluten free pasta, and you can easily find rice mixes that only need to boil for some minutes.

Salad ingredients
Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, olives, cheese are just some of the salad ingredients you can bring along. While you might want to pay attention to how you store these, they are a great addition to any meal, especially barbecue.