How to avoid overspending on a cruise

Cruises are generally thought to be expensive and it is easy to overspend while on one. Since not all of us have the same financial situation, here are some tips on how to enjoy a cruise without spending too much.

Know what does your fare include
It is highly possible that when you book your cruise only a few things are listed as included in the fare. No matter where you book the trip, make sure you call the booking company and ask them to list you exactly what does the fare include. This way you’ll avoid paying twice for the same or a similar things, like tea or some juices.

Don’t gamble
Nobody denies that gambling is a fun activity, however it is easy to go overboard (no pun intended), while gambling. Bingo is one that seems easy enough to play, buy usually the jackpot is not really worth spending about $20 on. It is also very easy to forget the time passing and not to see the money slipping away with other forms of gambling.

Avoid shopping on board
The boutiques on the ship are usually duty free, however they still have pretty high prices. Avoid shopping there unless you really have an emergency. If you saw something you really liked that is not available in any port or back home,wait till the end of the cruise: the prices will usually be marked down. The port boutiques on the other hand are a better shopping option, and they support the local economy.

Bring your own soda and wine
Some cruise lines allow its guests to bring their own soda or wine on board. Learn about this policy ahead of time if you want to save some money while cruising. Remember that the mini-bar in the cabin is not free of charge.

The staff of the cruise basically lives off of gratuities. If you want to make sure you tip them enough without being stingy or giving too much, choose to pre-pay them. This way you won’t even have to think about saving money if you have a daily allowance, or a general trip allowance. As an idea, every passenger regardless of age,pays $12 per day as gratuity.

Ask about the all you can drink plans
Some cruises have such extra that can be added to the basic fare. These plans are perfect for those who drink tea or coffee instead of water.

Don’t pay for photos
You already have a smartphone, tablet or camera of your own, that you can operate yourself, and a selfie stick can ensure you capture everyone. You have no reason to pay someone else to take your photo.

Saving at the spa
Embarkation day and port-of-call days are usually the time frames when the spa on board offers discounted prices for their services. Booking several services can also cut down the costs of visiting the spa. Remember that usually the saunas, fitness rooms, some gym classes, and the steam room are included in the fare.