Atlantis Casino Resort Spa – Reno, Nevada

Not many people consider Reno in Nevada as a good holiday destination, however this because they don’t know much about the city. Considering its luxury hotels, many area attractions and plenty of things to do, it is obvious the idea is completely wrong. while you’re in town, you can stay at the Atlantis Hotel, and we’ll even give you fie reasons to do so.


Plenty of entertainment at the hotel

Assuming the weather is bad or you don’t feel like going out, you can always stay at the hotel and check one of the many shows available. You will have to buy tickets in advance, but you can do so when you book your room and even get a special price. Your choices are cabaret shows, concerts, and other events. The cabaret shows feature local bands playing a variety of live music including R’n’B, pop, rock, and so on.


There is a spa!

Everyone dreams of returning from their short vacation looking younger and refreshed. If you only spend the weekend here, chances are this won’t happen unless you cheat a little by going to the spa. The massages are great and they can be enjoyed by both genders. The facial treatments are carefully designed for each person’s skin type, therefore you can be certain the risk of an outbreak is minimal. Special packages are also available for those who want to make the most out of their stay.


Come year round!

Some people are more likely to check out hotels and resorts as long as they can visit at any time of the year. Being restricted by season is something that generally puts people off. Summer activities include golfing and skiing, while winter awaits with all snow related sports. While it might be better to have your own equipment, you don’t really have to as there are many rental laces where you can find everything you need to enjoy yourself while in Reno.


Are you getting married?

Some people want to get married anywhere else that is not their hometown and there is nothing wrong with that. They just have to make sure their guests can have a place to stay at overnight, at least after the party. Since this is a hotel, this aspect is already taken care of, if you make sure there are enough rooms available on that day. You have several venues to choose from and wedding packages, and a team of professionals will ensure everything goes according to plan.


Are you thinking about your belly?

There is one more thing that is certain while staying at the Atlantis resort: your stomach will never feel empty. You have several places where you can eat and even try out new dishes. You can check out Manhattan Deli for dishes inspired by New York City, the Sushi Bar on the Sky Terrace for an Eastern Asian inspired meal, or even a bistro where you can try the Californian cuisine. If this isn’t enough, the city itself awaits with even more options to choose from.