25 cheap and free things to do in New Orleans

If you ever visit New Orleans and your budget is not very generous, we have some tips for you.

Listen to jazz music
There are many places where you can listen to jazz music for free: take for instance Frenchmen and Fulton.

There’s art to see
New Orleans is full of artists and art expositions. Art markets are also popular and good place where you can see good art.

Take a stroll in the park
There are many parks around the city and some of them have picnic areas or views of the Mississippi River.

This activity is good for your health and relaxing. You can rent a bike to ride throughout the city.

Eat free of charge
Many music clubs offer something to eat for free to those ordering drinks.

The track
Spending a few hours at the track can be fun, plus the admission is free in the grand stand.

Take photos
The architecture in the French Quarter is worth a visit an a few snaps, so why not?

Lots of festivals
Many festivals organized in New Orleans are free to attend, like the French Quarter Fest and the Satchmo SummerFest.

The Besthoff Sculpture Garden
This garden is located in City park nd has an impressive collection of contemporary American art.

Concerts in the square
These concerts are generally organized in summer months, and are free to attend.

Have some beignets
Cafe du Monde opened in 1862 and still serves the same French style menu, with a few modern additions.

Cross the Mississippi
Embarking on the New Orleans Ferry will cost you just $2, while children go on for free. Enjoy some stunning views.

The tomb of Marie Laveau
Visit the tomb of this well known voodoo queen to make a wish. You must knock 3 times on the door to the crypt first.

Go a on self-guided literary tour
Several American well known authors lived in New Orleans: go discover them and their houses!

Listen to some ghost stories
But don’t do so just anywhere: stop by the Old Absynthe House. Leave your business card when you’re done.

Remember Hurricane Katrina
This hurricane damaged a large area of the US and left many victims behind. Paying your respects in this city is rather easy and cheap.

Eat Creole cuisine
You’ll definitely not have the the chance to eat it anywhere else.

Learn about beer brewing
The NOLA Brewing facilities even take you on a tour, if you’re interested.

Ride a streetcar
You might have streetcars in your city, but we bet they’re not old fashioned.

The churches are beautiful
There are several Catholic churches you can pay a visit to, even if you’re not one: these are stunning.

Visit Magazine Street
The best activity here is shopping, including window shopping which is free. Do pay attention to your wallet though.

Attend a show
Go at the Tipitina’s on Fridays to see a free jazz music show.

Farmers market
If you’re not too tired fom the previous night, there is a farmers market on Saturday morning.

Eat some sweets
The city is filled with candy shops and most of them offer free samples to those interested.

Learn some history
Get a crash course of New Orleans history by seeing the Historic New Orleans Collection.