10 easy ways to lighten your load

Packing light is not easy, and deciding what to bring along must take in many factors. Let us give you some tips on how to pack less.

Pay attention to colors
To pack less clothes, choose neutral shades that can be easier to mix and match. Choosing one outfit for each day results in too many items, and chances are you’ll change your mind anyways.

Pay attention to the season
There is no need to pack a thick jacket if you travel to a warm destination, or in summer. Choose instead a thin top with long sleeves and a light cardigan if you suspect you’ll be cold. Make sure they’re knitted and that they contain some wool.

Dry shampoo
Many hotels and resorts offer shampoo and conditioner to their guests. If you run out of the ones you’re provided, some dry shampoo will help you out. Leave the hairdryer behind because you’re sure to find one in your booked room.

The sarong is lighter
The sarong successfully replaces a beach towel: you can lay on it, wrap it around your body like a dress, and be used instead of a beach towel. Having 3 items in 1, saves a lot of space and weight in your bag.

Pack flats not shoes
A pair of flats and sandals with a flat sole occupy less space together than a pair of shoes. Wear a pair of shoes while you travel, through the airport if you must, but make sure they can be worn for more occasions.

Roll up
Rolled up clothes take less space in your bag, and they also seem to wrinkle less. If you take dress shirts along, like during a business trip, make sure those stay nicely folded though.

Pack a couple of scarves
It’s better to leave most of your jewelry back at home, along with your belts, and most of your accessories. A scarf or two are much lighter and barely take up any space. If you must take a belt with you, make sure it is on you when you’re on the road and that it can be worn with other items as well.

Don’t pack all your makeups
When it comes to makeups, and in this case, less is more. It’s best to use less makeup while you’re on a holiday because your skin also needs to relax. Chances are you might not even use them much. A CC cream, a neutral small eyeshadow, and a lipstick that can be used as blush as well, is all you need to make yourself look pretty for the evening.

You don’t need the whole medicine cabinet
If you need to take medication, calculate just how much you’ll need for the vacation and put enough in small labeled containers to take along in your trip. You might even skip your vitamins and supplements for instance, but you should have enough painkillers instead.

One tech device
If you travel overseas, you’re better with packing just a tablet to avoid using your phone on roaming by mistake. You’ll be able to comfortably read, write, play games, take pictures, and stay in contact with everyone else as well. The same applies to everyone else joining you.