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How to Fly for Cheap – 10 Tips
Wednesday is the Cheapest Day to Fly
Business travelers typically fly out on Monday and Tuesday, then back home on Thursday or Friday. Vacationers typically fly on the weekend. This leaves Wednesdays often under booked. Take advantage of this fact and save yourself some money.

Tuesday is the Cheapest Day to Book Last Minute Flights

More specifically Tuesday after 3pm is the cheapest time to book a flight. Give it a try and see how much you can save.

Buy Two One Way Flights Not a Roundtrip Flight

Booking a roundtrip flight can be convenient, and sometimes can be less expensive. But not always. Many times you can save over a roundtrip flight by booking two one way flights.

Use Frequent Flier Programs From

An almost obvious choice, but the more miles you can rack up on frequent flier programs, the cheaper you can book your next flight.

Late Night Flights are Often Cheaper

Most people don’t like to fly at night, but if it doesn’t bother your, or if you can just accept the late hours, you can often save a lot of money by taking late night flights.

Take Last Minute Flights – Expedia Flights

Airlines don’t like to fly planes that are not full. While not always easy to do, if you can manage it you can get some great deals by being ready to fly at the drop of a hat.

Book Well in Advance

If spontaneity is not your thing make sure you book your flight well in advance to save the most. Six weeks is recommended if you can manage it.

Be Flexible with Your Dates

Sometimes a day or two can cut the cost of a ticket in half. Be flexible with your dates and you can save big.

Save More by Stopping More

Nonstop flights are usually more expensive than flights with connecting flights. The more connections the more you can save.

Check with the Airline

Airlines will often have special sales and deals that are only available through them. It never hurts to check with the airline before booking your flight.